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Originally Posted by jackcrawford View Post
IMO, despite the love some have for it, Formula 100 was one of the worst frames I ever hit. Organix V1 felt flimsy to me. The Quantum, Catapult and DNX MP versions of the V1 hit the mark of a lighter, whippier version of the Classic while maintaining decent plow. The PB V1, however, was a fail and the Organix version to me even worse. It sounds like you got one of the heavier versions of the recent Classic (I have seen them vary from 10.3 to 10.8 strung in the 2010 and 2013 cosmetic), I always end up back with it after a bender.
This Classic is 10.6 strung. Started out with it today against the 5.0, felt very good in warm up, super solid and easy, but definitely plays stiffer than the Organix and by the 3rd game my neck was hurting and I put it down. Picked up the Organix, much more comfortable, neck felt fine for the rest of the day. Still lacked any kind of put away power/plow for me but due to the lightness and control I was able to just hang around before finally losing 11-9 in a third set tiebreaker, which is the closest I've coming to beating this guy. I actually had 3 or 4 match points in the breaker but with no put away power there wasn't really anything I could do to close it out.

I think the biggest upside was just that, due to the low weight, I could keep making mostly first serves late in the match - my arm/shoulder didn't tire. I'm not crazy about the feel, kind of indistinct, and I haven't dialed in my backhand - I think I hit my BH better with a flexier response. But strangely, I had my best result in probably 15 matches with this guy. Hmmm.

I suppose I will add more weight at 12 and maybe cut out the Volkl powerfibre II strings and do my usual syn gut at 50lbs, see if that gives me enough power. BTW, this stick is 4HL instead of the 2HL that TW, maybe that's why it feels so anemic. As if demoing didn't have enough variables already!!
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