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Originally Posted by Gizo View Post
Vilas had next to no shot of beating Borg in a potential 1980 RG semi-final, who crushed everyone at that event, and thus couldn't have won that tournament. I doubt Vilas could even have won 10 games against Borg in that sort or form (and he only won 14 games combined in their 1975 and 1978 finals).

And if you to want to talk about a hypothetical Borg-Vilas 1980 semi at RG, what about a hypothetical semi between them at the 1977 US Open? Borg played that whole event with a shoulder injury before withdrawing in the 3rd set against Stockton in R4. Lucky Vilas, as he wouldn't have been able to beat Borg in a big match in a major.
Hey, I hade made a thread called "An hypothetical semifinal Borg-Vilas in Roland Garros 1980":
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