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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Loved the KBlade 98. Just really unstable at net but great from the back and on serve. Still see some of the cleanest hitting rec players bashing with it these days. And Milos.
Okay, will look out for instability at net. What was quickly apparent was, in regard to other Blade 98s, though the comfort was a bit off, I liked the balance and weighting a bit more. I felt I got into a very nice rhythm and was timing hitting the ball nice and fluid, hitting clean and better feeling, more connected. Solid, like all of them. Also, excelled at lobs, and the precision and angles and flatter power is very interesting. TBH it's got me seriously reconsidering my years long stance on string pattern. I'm definitely favouring more closed pattern performance these days, just not sure if I want to go the whole hog and embrace 18/20.

All that said, Pneumated1's post above though has made me scurry off and check out the V1Pro thread.
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