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Originally Posted by Thomas59 View Post
Thanks for the reply I appreciate it, but do you know their playstyle? For example, are they a baseliner with solid topspin groundstrokes or a all court player? Also, do they have a serve with good pace?
Honestly, I don't think the answer to that question really matters. I think the guy I know who uses a similar racket would play well with any racquet, but that's just what he's used for so long and he never switched. Actually he has some tennis elbow too, which I know those frames probably contribute to, especially since at his level he's playing against some relatively hard hitters.

Really what it comes down to is there is probably a better racket for you. But it's a personal preference so you have to demo some and see what works and feels right. Just don't get wrapped up in finding the perfect racket, because no such thing exists. But I wouldn't even recommend your current racket to a beginner now that I'm more familiar with tennis and the various specs of frames, so I think trying out some new frames is worth a shot.
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