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I used the Volkl C10 for a number of years and that racquet is notoriously "tip dead". I never tried to correct it though - I think that the flex in the hoop of that frame gives it a more magnified arm-friendly personality. Much less jarring when I'd catch the ball out toward the top of the string bed compared with many other racquets. Some don't much care for this in the C10, but once I knew that it was a personality quirk in that frame, it wasn't a big deal for me.

I'd bet that the only way to add some life to the string bed of a racquet like this would be to put a little lead tape up there some place or other. I'd try it either at 12 o'clock or maybe 10/2 o'clock, but no lower. If that doesn't help, it easy enough to peel the tape off.
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