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Thanks for your input, MAXXply! Yes, a "Kunnan-Lo Special" would be a very safe bet in this case That "Panther JC" certainly appears to be a close match with the Tennis Rancher. Too bad the angle of that photo is not ideal for side by side comparison, but the specs are definitely very similar between the two (though I am not sure about the '100-102' head size as claimed by the seller; it really doesn't look that big in the picture. As for the Tennis Rancher, its head size is 90 tops).

One difference I can already see is that the "Panther JC" has no shared holes, while the "Tennis Rancher" has 4 of these per side. Also, there are 18 crosses on the Panther, and 19 on the TR. Of course, it is entirely possible that Kunnan Lo used the exact same frame and just drilled it differently for different clients.

I guess no contract was too big or too small for Mr. Prolific
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