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I'm a little late to this week's party, but I have to opine that the Rancher (what a name for a racquet! Probably has lots of plow-through ) looks like an Antelop model I very vaguely remember from circa 1984-5-ish, also made by Kunnan Lo. Super Mars? Kingleap?? I can't remember which model...

The "MID-SIZE GRAPHITE" by-line on the cover (not to mention the cover's shape and zipper location) look like a carbon copy of the Black Ace ("98")'s, circa 1984. However, cover manufacture might have been sub'ed out to another OEM.

Might it be apropos to revise the thread title to "Obscure BRANDS...," rather than makers? Because there are/were actually very few makers (and even fewer now) of tennis racquets than brands of tennis racquets. Just sayin'.
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