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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
The only issue I have (along with most other eSports) is that the community isn't very friendly or accepting towards newer players. There's SO much rage in the game that it's an instant turn off towards people who are genuinely interested in learning from their mistakes.

The other issue I have with the game is that it isn't (at amateur levels) purely skill based -- leveling/grinding to earn abilities, etc gives a good revenue model to Riot, but forces you to spend many hours playing the game (or buying everything) in order to compete well. I don't think this is a true problem, I just don't have the time to grind for a few hours a day on something that rewards me (in "real" life) with no tangible benefits.

Please note: This is not a criticism on gamers, I respect people that pursue eSports and gaming, my priorities are just in other places atm.
For that reason is why its best to party up with friends. Always be in a pre-made unless your willing to cooperate with 12 year olds. If your going to play ranked, at least duo. I made this mistake myself. ( Managed to stay at silver 3 though. )
When i was at the point of quitting, i realized what you mentioned " no tangible benefits. " All that was going on was me getting angry and me wasting time to try playing again to see if i can win.
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