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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
For that reason is why its best to party up with friends. Always be in a pre-made unless your willing to cooperate with 12 year olds. If your going to play ranked, at least duo. I made this mistake myself. ( Managed to stay at silver 3 though. )
When i was at the point of quitting, i realized what you mentioned " no tangible benefits. " All that was going on was me getting angry and me wasting time to try playing again to see if i can win.
Solo ranked definitely has it's risk, don't want to end up with rage quitting kids who cause you to slip into elo hell. It's not fun, had to abandon an account once because I hadn't played ranked in a while and had a streak of bad matches due to rage quitters, couldn't get out of elo hell.
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