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i think if you ask many of the pros which grip they use, they wouldnt even know. they have found what works best for them....and most of them use more than one grip for the forehand depending on the situation and what type of shot they are trying to hit. ditto for the bh. personally, i am happy to be an old schooler and i learned to hit everything w. a continental grip.,and sure, you could even hit a topspin forehand that way. you are more likely to have more variety in your game and be more of an allcourter and that makes for more fun tennis..i now use a number of grips. i've recently seen teaching pros w. a western grip that cant even properly feed balls w. their westerns or even demonstrate a volley properly let alone hit one properly. when i became a teaching pro it wasnt just a plunk your money down thing and be a teaching pro. you had to be able to do everything..had to posess both a two handed and one handed backhand and most certainly be able to volley properly. this post is a bit off theme...sorry for the rant. Ed
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