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Sorry for reviving an old thread but I just purchased 2 of these from H 0 labird for $60.

I have to say I love these things!

Right of the bat I was very impressed with initial quality. Both racquets weighed exactly 11.4 oz strung with a dampner. Both racquets had the same head light balance and very nice paint jobs. I purchased them strung with Wilson Sensation Duo (poly mains, sensation crosses).

Grip: I cant say I am huge fan of the grip as it is not very tacky. This is not an issue for me because I always remove and/or apply overgrip on my racquets.

Play: Overall this racquet has a lot of power and offers very ample spin due to its open string pattern. Due to the head size and shape it seems like this string pattern is even more open than my equivalent string patterned Dunlop 300.

Forehands: I really like this shot more than any other for this racquet. I use a semi western grip and felt right at home taking huge cuts and loading the ball up with spin. Control is good for such an open pattern but I do have to stay diligent keeping my swing speed fast because if I take a stroke off the ball will fly on me. I have found it easy to really spin a ball and get a nice kick off the ground for my opponent to deal with.

Backhands: Let me preface this with I have a one handed backhand. This shot is a little more difficult for me with this racquet. It seems that its hard for me to keep my shot stable when the opponent hits a hard serve/groundstroke. It due to the lighter weight of the racquet and the inherently weaker backhand side. I am used to racquets that weigh ~12oz so I need some more adjustment time or I will end up adding weight to the frame. I have found that its easy for me to hit controlled crosscourt shots with my backhand and due to the extra spin I dont sail as many long as usual.

Serve: Spin, spin, and POWER. I have actually had some struggles adjusting to just how much power I can get from this racquet on serve. My first two matches with this frame I actually double faulted a lot due to hitting long. Now I have dialed in a little better I can hit some very hard serves with decent spin on them. I still have not dialed in my flat serve but I feel like I can hit my kick/slice serves so hard with this thing I may not need my flat serve anymore.

Volleys: Not much to report here other than the frame is extremely maneuverable at the net. I have never been a great net player so this frame has not made a drastic difference in how I play at the net. I can say the feel is very nice and I get plenty of feedback.

Overall: 8.5/10 is my early rating for this racquet. I am very happy with my purchase and even considering going back to buy 2 more. I have a tournament coming up the 20th and will get plenty of play time with this frame. After that I will come back with an update on my review.
Racquet: Wilson PS97 String: Prince syn gut @55lbs in mains, ISOSPEED Baseline Control 16 @50lbs in crosses
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