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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I would guess -- and it really is a guess -- that I am about 1750 calories a day. I tend not to diet or count calories, so I really do not know.

I did, however, have *two Twinkies* today.

Wait, wait! I can explain.

When my son was little, we would declare a celebration when he achieved something big in school. I also wanted my children to understand why my childhood treats tasted like. So I bought a box of Twinkies and announced we would have a "Twinkiebration" -- a celebration with Twinkies.

Something good happened yesterday, so he went to the store and bought a whole box of Twinkies to celebrate something I had done. I ate two.

As you can see, I had no choice.
Twinkies are available again?
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