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Thanks for all the responses. Played my second 4.0 match last night and did much better. Lost but it was a good match (6-7, 4-6). I played much better - served really well and returned serve better than the first match.

Not planning any drastic changes to my game. Simple areas of focus for now:

1. Play and practice more to improve consistency of groundstrokes. Need to hit more balls each week.

2. Continue to come to net whenever possible. This worked pretty well again.

3. The serve is my best weapon. Had 3-4 aces last night and forced a lot of errors. Last night I think it mixed it up really well: probably 50% hard slice, 25% flat bombs and 25% top spin. Let it fly with full swing top spin second serves and it worked well. Probably should practivce serve more to stay sharp.
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