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Originally Posted by Tar Heel Tennis View Post
asimple, the answer to your question lies within this document. If you'll read it, you will have a much better understanding of why the roving official was wrong by instructing the players to play a let.

and no, I will not direct you to any particular page. You should read this document in its (almost) entirety.

You're welcome
Thanks for the gift.

I did just waste 10 minutes reading this and found nothing related to this topic which was obvious since you (and no one else) here has supplied any evidence to back up why the official was wrong.

In truth, I could really care less. I am just a bit surprised at how strong people's opinions are on this topic without having any rules to back it up other than a If you read the original post it was not only the roaming official, but was also backed up by the section when the complaint went to that level. I guess the section must have made a mistake as well.

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