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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
From the Code:

"Player makes calls on own side of net. A player calls all shots landing on, or aimed at, the player’s side of the net."

OP already quoted the rule that an official should not overrule unless he witnessed a problem with a player's call, such as wrong or late.

Why do you keep asking for a more specific rule than that?
By the way, your expert Woodrow disagreed with this being the appropriate rule as well.

"The rule you quoted does not cover this though. He wasn't overruling the call of out to good. He was making them replay it because of the timing issue, which is a different issue, but if he didn't see it, he really should not have ruled that way."

In any case, your right and I give up. I won't post again. A person should be the judge of the timing of their own call since it is on their side of the court. It is completely obvious...
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