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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
It is a nice racquet. My initial review was a little biased because I LOVED the Dunlop 4D Aerogel 300 and had high expectations for this one. I would definitely pick this one over the Prestige S you are considering. There are many negatives comments about the S on these boards and there may be something to all that. I found it to be a nice feeling racquet, but had too many shortcomings.
I can basically come up with four words that characterize it for me: solid with no frills. That's really my feeling towards this racket. It's like a blank canvas for any style of player IMO.

The prestige s has a nice soft plush feeling, but it's a tiny bit unstable and I don't like the clear caps. What's also interesting is this demo round I ordered a grip size down from my usual size 4, and I really like the change! Pickup shots are easier it seems because I can flick my wrist easier...maybe it's placebo?

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