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Default Having Trouble Getting into Semi Western Please Help...

2 things going on here:

1:The grip shape means that being in Semi Western ones' hand is gripping across the widest part of the Racquet Handle...

Because of the handle shape, even of my POG, the longer octagon is between bevels 1 and 5.

It seems the racquet handle was designed for Eastern Forehand in Hand Shake position.

Therefore Extreme Eastern is the last point before ones hand feels like it is gripping the racquet handle on the wrong plane. It feels like one is gripping across a diagonal.

2: In addition a leather grip, by enhancing the bevels, adds to the feeling of gripping awkwardness. I am surprised if no one else notices this. I do use a smaller grip but this should make this feel less uncomfortable.

I'm thinking of trying to build up the less wide plane, bevels 3 & 7 to make the handle more circular and also thinking of trying a softer synthetic grip as well in hopes that I can push past EE a half of a bevel into SW without the feeling of gripping across the angle bevels 3.5 to 7.5

Any Thoughts?


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