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In doubles I have 2 sets of expectations. One for partners that I do not routinely play with and that is: very few expectations. I don't go over the nuances of strategy with those guys since next week I may be playing against that guy. I usually just go over two issues ahead of time as far as my expectations. One is that I opportunity poach a lot so not to be fooled by that and the second is that if we are both lobbed, that the netperson that is not lobbed has a better angle on the ball.

For my partners, I expect them to move to the alley on wide balls, especially serves. At my level DFs are not a significant concern and the few who do (singles players mostly) get more than average service winners so it really does not impact the match as much. What really bothers me but to be honest I don't bring up a lot is partners who start return points as the netman practically in NML. In fact, I will often return as a chip and charge and finish the point within a racquet's length of the net while the "netman" is maybe a step inside the service line.
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