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Originally Posted by chatt_town View Post
I'll start... I'm curious to see are your expectations different in gender versus mixed. I'm especially curious to hear what women expect playing women's doubles.

In men's doubles. 1. I expect guys to come to the net first and foremost. I hate playing with a guy that thinks he can hit his way through two guys coming into the net from two feet behind the baseline. 2. Another pet peave is get your damn serve in. I don't want hear that you have to hit it 120 to get it in(One guy told me that). 3. The last thing is move with me if the ball is hit to me. The court basically moves with the ball. If they run me wide...bring yourself to the middle at the very least.

In mixed doubles the things I expect most are 1. Get your serve in deep as possible. It doesn't need to be 120. Most men don't serve that hard. I just needs to be placed well. 2. Follow the ball. If I hit a serve wide in the deuce court...please don't come to the middle and open the alley up. 3...This is my biggest thing in mixed. Please please do not switch on balls that are lobbed over your head and fall 6 to 8 inches behind your service box.

It's one thing to not be able to step back and crank and overhead. I can live with that, but please don't make me play balls behind you that far in the court. One other thing I forgot..4. If I have to go back and get a lob...don't just switch...get back as chances are I'm sending a lob back. The last thing I wanna see after getting my foot disloged from the fence(it happens a lot as I track them down all the way to the fence if is the guy on the other side of the net putting a ball away behind you as you are bent over at the net watching
You obviously haven't been to too many college matches have you?
Starting 2-back is a good option in some cases. You CAN hit through/over 2 net players. It can be done at a certain level.
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