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I've found playing mixed is like playing with old people. I'm sure there are tons of fast woman out there but either I haven't bumped into them on the court or they don't use their speed productively.

What op said about partners not moving properly is doubly annoying. I played with a new guy last weekend and when serving on the deuce side, the returner kept getting me low wide balls. I dug them out but EVERY single time the returner was coming in and put it away through the middle.. MOVE, I don't understand how people don't move to the court where the ball is obviously going to be hit, is that not common sense? It was unnerving because the guy could play, but it was recreational (although he was REALLY serious about it) and I'm not about to start coaching him or telling him to stand differently in social tennis, he can play how he wants.

I guess to answer your question, my expectations are dictated more by skill, then gender though. I've played with some ladies who could smack the ball, and I've played with plenty of guys who were complete duds.
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