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I have a good friend who just got his Q10... he really likes it.

As an ex-Palm (all palms - PRE) user, I stuck by that platform as long as I could. Unfortunately going with a device that has a limited user base, limited apps and the possibility of going away - was a bad move...

I prefer Android devices, but mostly because I like to flash them and make mods to them. Personally I don't like the Apple 'ecosystem' - it limits what I can do. Please don't force me to use iTunes... please please please.

I have an iPad (got it through work) - and I much prefer Android's usability over IOS. BUT THAT IS ME... My wife has an iPhone and she prefers IOS ...

Whatever device works for you - is the device you should get.

There is no right or wrong here (well - Blackberry is wrong)...

What I get frustrated with - is many users are just SO biased - and won't even consider trying anything else. Whether an IOS or Android user ... give the other an unbiased try, and then remember that the one you prefer is your personal and very subjective opinion, and NOT relevant to how someone else may feel.
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