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Okay...I didn't think I'd have to but I guess I will address this. I was assuming we would be talking about "adult tennis" and not college. Of course they may be able to hit through each other at times but I would think in most cases even at that level that that the guys that control the net control the match.

So I'm thinking two guys that can volley in college will win most of the time playing two guys that are firing away from the baseline. I'm sure it looks good unleashing forehands but I would think again two guys that can volley will eat that up most of the time. Now...if two college guys were hitting at me from the baseline...the guys on the baseline would have a field Which is why you won't see me playing against two guys from UGA or UT at any given point.

btw,...I did ironically watch the Southern Conference tourney a couple of years ago and it was fun to watch. It's not like usta for sure. They were raising hell between points, during points... I heard "Break on 3!!" so many times it was hilarious.

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You obviously haven't been to too many college matches have you?
Starting 2-back is a good option in some cases. You CAN hit through/over 2 net players. It can be done at a certain level.

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