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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
Does 'ubersense' just slow down the playback by repeating frames or does it create false frames as some recent post-processing applications do?
You need to record high speed video at higher rates than 30 or 60 fps to properly see what is going on in the serve and other faster motions. If an application creates false frames in order to slow down the playback it would be misleading for analysis as to what is really happening.
This forward racket motion of the serve occurs over about 20 milliseconds.
At 30 fps a video camera takes one frame every 33 milliseconds, at 60 fps every 17 milliseconds. 30 and 60 fps are not adequate frame rates to fully show the racket & arm motion as they move forward over just 20 milliseconds to hit the ball.
You sound professional.
Ubersense is not professional video editing program. But I know some coach uses it.
We don't have hawk-eye in our club. We just say "out" when it looks like out.
We don't have high speed radar gun to catch up our service speed. We just use "servespeed" apps in iPhone to record and analyze.
We don't have high resolution video camera like US open have. We just record with iPhone5 and it captures 30fps I think. Some says I can capture over 60fps video with "slopro" apps but I never tried it.
Everyone knows that anything you do with iphone is limited. Even if Apple release iphone9 in 2020.
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