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Bingo....most teams show who they are pretty quickly. If they are lobbing to no end then you don't crash the sag just a little to take the lob away or make it difficult.

Then there are those who are going to try and pound through you from the baseline...that's not going to work. We pick teams apart that try that. I'm sure a couple of college guys could hit through us, but another 4.0 team?'s not likely...I'm sure it can be done, but we will win 8 of 10 matches and I'll take that if you trying to hit through us. lol

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In 3.5-4.5 rec tennis, a lot of times it's more "over" than "through", as there are a lot of crafty lobbers who make life very difficult for the "blindly crash the net all the time" doubles teams. While I also like to control the net most of the time, you have to know when to adapt as well.
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