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You really think these are too much?lol It's not like I said they must make 93 percent of their volleys and serve at 87 percent first These are things you have control over. Things like movement. It's second nature to I've seen guys that couldn't move well cover a court because common sense should tell you that if I hit the ball here chances are it's coming back over here. Maybe I am expecting too much but the guys I play with expected it out of

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I have two things to say to you.

First, your points are all valid ones.

Second, get over yourself and deal with playing in the real world of recreational tennis. The average rec player is struggling with a half dozen basic fundamentals already, and now you want to load him/her up with this much strategy and tactics right out of the box? Unless you are playing at a very high level (4.5 and above), and your partner is of equal strength and experience, you are expecting way too much. Your wishes aren't too much---but they are too much for the average rec player to do consistently.
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