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I agree with some of what you are saying here...especially with the mixed partner being comfortable but let me clarify something. We do not force our way into the net, but we will start out every match trying to impose our will on you. That means coming to the net. If you show us on more than 2 or 3 or 4 times that you can lob within 6 inches of the baseline and have us scurrying around we will adjust, but the goal is to make you play the way we want to play first. To me staying at the baseline only gives you an outlet to hit to. Of course we aren't coming in on hanging short balls or short lobs. We try to hit good deep approach shots and then...yes...we are coming...

One other thing. If you are cool with playing balls 6 inches behind her service'd love to play you and your partner. That is lob city when we see people switching like that. You'll need to a long nap after we're done with

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I apparently have much different expectations than most people in this thread. My only expectation on a partner is for them to try and to do their best. Beyond that I'm being unreasonable. Clearly my partner wants to win and isn't doing anything that they don't think is going to help. Obviously none of us are amazing at all aspects of the game or we would be playing on the ATP tour. So naturally we all have weaknesses and things we don't do well. If my partner doesn't have an accurate serve, oh well. Hit it in the best you can and we will go from there.

But I'm going to have to disagree with some of the things you expect. Forcing your way to the net at awkward times is bad news against many teams. Teams with low dropping ground strokes or good lobs will tear apart a team that is always forcing their way to the net. With the exception of top level players I love to play against net rushers. I get to hit balls at their feet all day. It makes me feel like I have awesome ground strokes. However, players with strong ground strokes who follow short approachable balls to the net are tough to beat.

Mixed is a whole different thing. I expect my partner to tell me where they are most comfortable and we can come up with a strategy from there. I know I can hit through a mixed team from the baseline. I'm also comfortable at the net and am more than happy to end points up there. I am fine with a mixed partner letting a ball 6-8 inches bounce behind them and switching if they can't put away difficult overheads. If I can plan on my partner doing that it can often result in a better situation for us. My current main doubles partner lets me have the slow balls to the middle of the court because my approaching forehand is better than her reaching volley.

So clearly there are different strokes for different folks.
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