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Originally Posted by dParis View Post
Me too. Played around with it at the ATT store. So slick. Similar to the g4 but more evolved in every way.

I noticed they wanted $299, on contract ($100 more) for the 32gb MotoX. Pretty ridiculous. The customization is cool, but it felt like a little toy next to the G2.

EDIT: I take back calling the MotoX "a little toy". A friend had one tonight and I think it's a nice device. Thing is, you can get more smartphone for less money elsewhere.
Besides the fastest chipset and a beautiful screen, the G2 has a lot of nice little things like FM radio/IS camera/universal remote control/volume key placement/etc. It doesn't really have any flaws, except for maybe no SD card slot and non-replaceable battery. But its pros far outweigh cons.
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