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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
One name... Jimmy Connors. Did he hit a heavy ball (groundie of course, his serve was pathetic for his skill level.)?
Generally I agree with you about Connors' serve, but go watch the '74 USO final between Connors and Rosewall. I was surprised at how effective Connors' serve looked in that match. He was hitting it hard compared to Rosewall, and it had a lot of nice action on it - some lefty american twist happening. Neither of these things have I ever associated with a Jimmy Connors serve.

Connors pumped up his serve in the early 80's and that helped him pick up those two USOs and the W. Lendl choking a bit helped too on the USOs, but Connors clearly worked on his serve and got it at least to "decent" level (for a pro at that time).
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