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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
Did the receiver actually shake someone's hand at the net? Not that the other team had any case at all anyway given the delayed call and the disagreement between partners, if a concession handshake had occurred that would seal it for me.
Just got back to my office to pick up my thread. Here's the sequence in point form.
- At match point I believe my first serve clipped the centre line
- The receiver attempted a return dumping it into the net
- He approached the net, switched the racket into his other hand getting ready to shake.
- After what seemed an eternity....even 5 seconds late can be an eternity, his partner called 'the ball was out'
- Receiver said to me at the net 'I thought the ball was in' Partner reiterated 'out'
- Receiver offered to replay the point. Partner said 'second serve'
- Receiver went silent, in deference to his assertive partner who was more than twice his age
- I played a second serve at least two minutes after my first. The delay was entirely due to my protestation of the call and it being so late in coming.
- We lost that game. The match went to a tiebreak which we eventually won.
Case closed!
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