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Originally Posted by Ironwood View Post
Just got back to my office to pick up my thread. Here's the sequence in point form.
- At match point I believe my first serve clipped the centre line
- The receiver attempted a return dumping it into the net
- He approached the net, switched the racket into his other hand getting ready to shake.
- After what seemed an eternity....even 5 seconds late can be an eternity, his partner called 'the ball was out'
- Receiver said to me at the net 'I thought the ball was in' Partner reiterated 'out'
- Receiver offered to replay the point. Partner said 'second serve'
- Receiver went silent, in deference to his assertive partner who was more than twice his age
- I played a second serve at least two minutes after my first. The delay was entirely due to my protestation of the call and it being so late in coming.
- We lost that game. The match went to a tiebreak which we eventually won.
Case closed!
More responses than you expected, I bet. But did you get the final gist of how it should have gone down?
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