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Originally Posted by Shangri La View Post
Besides the fastest chipset and a beautiful screen, the G2 has a lot of nice little things like FM radio/IS camera/universal remote control/volume key placement/etc. It doesn't really have any flaws, except for maybe no SD card slot and non-replaceable battery. But its pros far outweigh cons.
The reviews are coming in for this phone and they have been mostly positive, but it is interesting to see the biases that many in the tech community allow to shape their judgments. There are negative reviews of the G2 in some tech blogs (ARS Techinca, for example) but most of the criticism seems nit-picky and/or inconsistent in its application with reviewers obviously protecting or ignoring the flaws of their favorite devices whether it be Samsung, "pure Android", or Apple...

The sealed battery of the G2 is not a problem for me at all. It has a monster battery on board that gets great life according to all the reviews I've seen. Charging my battery is routine habit for me and I'm almost always near a charger when needed. I lose my battery about as often as I run out of gas, which is basically never. I must not be a "heavy user".

Same goes for SD storage. 32 (or 24) gigs on board is plenty for me. Last thing I need is to worry about keeping track of corn flake sized storage cards. I have enough clutter. There is a (growing) pile of no longer used electronic media in my office. I, like many others, am going to shift to streaming more content or going cloud based. Particularly the non-essential stuff.

The only thing stopping me from getting a G2 is the possibility of the Nexus 5. I'm still weighing options and would like to see what the Google device offers when it is announced next month.
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