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Originally Posted by Ironwood View Post
Yeah! I should have stood my ground and claimed the set right there! At club level it's all about a sense of fairness and reasonableness. I can't pull out a USTA rule book everytime I think someone has got something wrong.
Yes, it's just one point as someone said, but it was....match point, and I still think I was the victim of a 'it was close and I'll give us the benefit of the doubt'....out call!
In the end we won, but if we had eventually lost....I'd be seething!
There's a simple way to handle this in the future. You don't need to bust out the rule book, just calmly assert yourself: "If your partner disagrees at all, then the ball is good, sorry. Hate to end a match like that, but those are the rules."

I probably wouldn't cite the more technical rule in a casual match like this, and frankly, if the other guys got all butt-hurt and were obviously just trying to game me, then I would probably state that I knew they were wrong, but just go on to roll with the punches.

If it's a league or ranked match--no way. Stick with the rules.
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