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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
If a meniscus tear over a short time stopped me from playing tennis or otherwise using my knee, arthritis or not, I would give it a few months to heal/remodel. If it did not heal I would probably get surgery.

I had a meniscus injury in 1999 and gave it 4 months to heal. It did not heal and I had surgery. Good result. I had another meniscus injury 2011 on the other knee and gave it 3 months to heal/remodel? and it did. No surgery. Good result.
Same here with surgery in 1997(after waiting at least 6 months) and 2012-2013(this winter), when I was afraid that I'd need surgery on the other knee, but the meniscus healed on itself in about 10 days with moderate exercise (less intense tennis movement- aka lessons in two), glucosamine, Omega 3, Vitamin D and aspirin. Finished the hard court season with no problems and then I've played on clay the whole summer with no problems.
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