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Originally Posted by drak View Post
I contine to play with and really like my "home made" 98S, using the older gold and black Blade 98 I simply skip every 4th cross and use a Poly/syn hybrid (48/52). Still get very good control with the 18 mains but an added benefit of a softer/bigger sweetspot string bed with increased spin.

BTW I have experimented with skipping crosses on 16 main rackets and the results have not been nearly as good, the 18 mains make the difference.

That's a really smart thing! I LOVE it!

But I think you should post this in the blade s section as its more similar.

As a side note ....I can see where you are coming from.

I was using the 98s and accidentally tried a donnay pro one 18x20.......which is just about the exact same racquet as the blade.

I was addicted to the control with the donnay/blade.

I am now really intrigued with your statement that the 18 mains makes a huge difference and I'm wondering what the blade s is like now.

I'm done with the 99s as I've opted for more control in an 18 pattern.

But I'm wondering what the control is like with the blade s....really intrigued now.
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