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B5E and Tornado are very opposite feeling strings. Regardless of its ludicrous profile, Tornado gives about as much spin as B5E. The difference is in the feel. Tornado has an uncanny responsive feel to it, while B5E is much more muted and lower powered. They are both baseliners strings for sure, but B5E can be crossed to be more of an all-court setup. I truly like both a very large amount, but for different reasons. I like crisp, responsive strings, and Tornado has that plus more. However! More than that, I like WeissCANNON poly strings for reasons I can't explain. They for me. B5E and Scorpion, IMO, being their best. My Head favors B5E, while my Dunlop made the most of Tornado. You'll just have to try it and see

Do be warned: Tornado, regardless of spin, SHREDS crosses. You have been told in advance.
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