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Thanks Drak,
Don't mean to bug you but can you give me his name and clinic. I like that you've had success with him. I'm really looking for some help.

Are you both continuing to find the treatment helped and pain improving?

I continue to feel very good, my wife is now 3.5 months post stem cell and is continuing to have gradual improvement, the 3-5 month time frame is when I felt the full and final benefit, she had much more damage then I did. I would again stress researching the different stem cell approaches. Best answer I can give is that I would do it again however I do wonder if the approach my guy used is the best out there (it was cheap as these things go and local) as this is such a new field, for example he uses adipose (stomach fat), some say bone marrow is better. His name is Peyson Flattery at the center for integrative medicine in Redmond, Or.
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