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^ The trophy position is not really quite the same. See my explanation below. BTW, I do not like term, trophy pose. It implies a static position. To my mind, Steffi Graf is one of the few pros that performed an actual pose (as she waited for her very high toss). I prefer the terms, trophy phase or trophy position. The position is a dynamic one, not a static one.

Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
This high speed video is for a more overhead throw as from an outfielder throwing to home plate. Ignore footwork. First video only.

Is this motion related to the upward throwing motion sought for the throw-serve drill?
(Note: for the tennis serve, "throw" refers to the action of the racket arm whereas "toss" refers to the action of the other hand/arm.)

The upper body motion of the outfielder throw exhibits quite a bit of similarity to the tennis serve/throw. One difference that really jumped out at me was the position of the left arm when the right arm gets to the "trophy" position. For the tennis serve/throw the left arm would still be up (nearly vertical). The left arm of the outfielder has already dropped considerably. The synchronization of the 2 arms is somewhat different -- possibly because an arm holding a 27" racket would have a greater (rotational) inertia which would likely affect the timing of the motion. For a tennis serve, the left arm would not start to come down until the racket head has started to drop to the "scratch" position.

Also, a tennis server often coils up the body a bit more than the outfielder. Another difference is that the outfielder does not look upward to watch a ball toss. The gaze of a tennis server would be up, watching the toss before, during and after the trophy phase.

One aspect that is rather interesting is that the outfielder exhibits something very similar to a racket drop. His shoulder externally rotates, his forearm supinates a bit and his wrist cocks during this drop phase. However, the chest does not drive upward during the drop (very much).

As the torso of the outfielder uncoils the throwing hand/arm lags behind creating a pectoral stretch. This is somewhat similar to right elbow and racket lag of the tennis serve/throw. Also the left shoulder drops for both as the right shoulder and elbow come around and upward. The outfielder throw, like the tennis serve employs ISR (internal shoulder rotation) as the arm moves upward (& forward) from the "scratch" position. As the arm extends we also see that the wrist uncocks and the forearm pronates. With the tennis serve the pronation happens after the arm has extended and the racket head start starts to move upward above the hand.

When performing racket or ball throws for the tennis serve, be sure to employ a proper trophy position/phase and keep the head up, eyes on the (imaginary) ball toss. Do not pull the tossing arm down until the racket head start commences. Drive the chest upward to facilitate the racket head drop.

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