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Tennis Serve - Racket-Forearm Angle (wrist). The server uses the racket at an angle to the forearm so that the ISR can create racket head speed. That forearm-racket angle during the final acceleration goes from about 90 to say 150 at impact. Then on to about 180, arm-racket close to straight, right after impact. Probably if you let the racket go then it would be thrown upwards. ?

Baseball Throw - Forearm - Upper Arm Angle (elbow). Without a racket, a baseball player develops ball speed throwing using ISR in a similar way but by using an angle at his elbow. His elbow starts the final acceleration with an angle between his upper arm and forearm, it increases to a straight arm at release.

The amount of ISR that average throwers have learned to use probably varies a lot among individuals. Do you need to throw with stronger ISR for the throw drill to be effective in teaching the tennis serve?

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