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Originally Posted by MikeHitsHard93 View Post
I kinda like the "dink" sound lol. Makes me feel like a hit a line drive with a baseball bat in a way...

Standout impressions I got were: does everything alright, and nothing great. Which is actually what I'm looking for. However, I felt like it was actually a bit unstable and the sweet spot was iffy at times. Lacked plow, and I'm beginning to see that I like that feature.
I didn't find it unstable at all. For 329 grams, it played just like it should. You will never get that solidity like you do with +12oz. sticks. But I am willing to sacrifice a little plow to be able to keep the ball in play. I agree though about the sweet spot being a little smaller than it should for a 98" hoop size.
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