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Default Serving stance

Hello all.

Just wanted to ask what stance/foot positions people use to hit their serves, and what benefits they feel it gives them?

I ask because I've been hitting them since I started about a year ago with a very basic "shoulder width" sort of stance, and got my serve relatively consistent but without much power behind it. For me, it seems quite hard from this position to really use my legs, and the coach at my club has commented that my top and bottom half seem a bit disconnected - is this something anyone else has found with a wider stance, or am I just doing it wrong?

More recently, I've been switching into more of a "pinpoint" stance. The idea is to enable me to better get my legs involved! It works to some extent, in that it's giving me a bit of freedom to really drive my legs and body up through the shot. But, I feel a bit less stable. I know some of that will improve with practice and some conditioning, but I wondered if this is something people have found is inherent to a pinpoint stance because of its smaller base?

Looking for general thoughts on different serving stances rather than specific instruction on my game, but obviously any input you guys have is always appreciated.
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