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Originally Posted by tennis_balla View Post
Is that your coach in the background? From what I've seen he wasn't offering you much instruction, however the videos were just a snippet of his work so I cannot criticize. The reason I say this however, is that you can hit the ball really well but you need some major fine tuning to your game. Hitting from the baseline as you are is ok, but hand feeds (which the pros do a lot of) and other feeding drills to get you moving the proper way and develop better movement is a must right now. Other things such as shoulder turn, left hand across more on the forehand etc will become much easier when you're there in time to hit the ball. As a player I work with mentioned to me last week, his improvement in his movement through the drills he and I did not only helped him hit a better ball but he's also reading balls much better and knows better where he should be positioned to hit the ball. Meaning, he reads the ball quicker and earlier and moves to the spot where he wants to make contact with the ball, and not following the ball letting it play him. He's the one playing the ball. Hope that makes sense.
I was filming this especially to let my coach (the one in the background, one of the best non-pro players in Romania) analyze my current game... so he will tell me soon his conclusions, then I will tell him also the valuable conclusions I learned from you here... surely only good things can come out of this

He told me many times that I need better movement (he said I have very good speed but I am lazy and stretch to the ball many times), we did hand feeds and other drills, but as I wasn't convinced that is the main issue, we focused more on hitting (he mainly asks me what I want to focus on in each coaching session, but apparently I should let him talk more and conduct the training). As now I am pretty much convinced moving better will improve my game the most, I can't wait for my next training session (I do one per week) to do all kinds of movement drills, and extract from him information in this direction
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