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Originally Posted by rrayden View Post
I was filming this especially to let my coach (the one in the background, one of the best non-pro players in Romania) analyze my current game... so he will tell me soon his conclusions, then I will tell him also the valuable conclusions I learned from you here... surely only good things can come out of this

He told me many times that I need better movement (he said I have very good speed but I am lazy and stretch to the ball many times), we did hand feeds and other drills, but as I wasn't convinced that is the main issue, we focused more on hitting (he mainly asks me what I want to focus on in each coaching session, but apparently I should let him talk more and conduct the training). As now I am pretty much convinced moving better will improve my game the most, I can't wait for my next training session (I do one per week) to do all kinds of movement drills, and extract from him information in this direction
Thats great then. Work with your coach, but also let him coach. Listen more than speak. You're paying for his experience and knowledge, so let him show you what he knows. Ask him what his opinion is about your game, let him develop a training plan for you and see what happens.
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