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Originally Posted by Finisterre View Post
yes i agree with you..Nadal is a terrible matchup for the Scottish..Therefore Murray could defeat Djokovic..I'd prefer not to facing Djokovic every time in a major to get the trophy..
Murray had a decent head to head with the serbian..His game,expecially on HC seems to adapt perfectly and he has two weapon to match Joker:
important thing is that inside out forehand of Djokovic is neutralized by slice cross court backhand..serbian struggle with a ball without pace to push..
other important arm is backhand slice DTL
if murray avoid the diagonal of the forehand has a chance to beat djokovic
Yes Murray tends to be a difficult opponent for Djokovic and with his increasing confidence I am sure he will be even moreso. He tends not to be nearly as difficult for Nadal, and even with his increased confidence, with Nadal's more agressive than ever game, I find it hard to see that changing. So I am very happy that Djokovic killer Andy Muray will be back. I see a situation he takes Djokovic (Nadal's toughest opponent) out for Nadal a number of times, and makes Nadal's path to more slams and eclipsing Federer's bogus so called slam mark that much faster easier.

While I still have confidence in Rafa even in the Rafa-Djokovic matchup you know if they played in every slam final (as they pretty much would have without Murray back in the mix) eventually there would probably be a swing of momentum, even if probably only temporary like the last time Djokovic temoporarily took the edge in the Rafa matchup. Probably never on clay, but possibly on the other surfaces. Both are too smart to not figure something out playing that repeatedly, even if only temporarily. However Murray by his presence and problems he creates for Djokovic (and a lesser degree Nadal maybe, but more Djokovic) will prevent that from happening, and prevent Nadal from needing to say beat Djokovic in 6 or 7 slam finals in a row to win his next 6 or 7 slams. Some balance of Nadal vs Djokovic, Nadal vs Murray, and Murray vs Djokovic matches, rather than just Nadal vs Djokovic all the time will only help Nadal mantain his current winning edge over Djokovic too as it will give Djokovic less chance to get grooved and eventually figure out the matchup and what he needs to adjust the way Nadal has in the last year. The only tougher aspect for Nadal is there are some times he might have to beat Djokovic and Murray back to back to win a non clay slam, but that one more difficult aspect is more than negated by the two positives of Murray taking Djokovic (a tougher opponent for Nadal than Murray IMO, despite Nadal's current edge in the Djokovic matchup) out for Nadal sometimes, and Murray breaking up all the Nadal-Djokovic matchups and giving Djokovic less opportunity to get grooved and figure out a response to Nadal's new edge in the matchup.

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