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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
I never got the feeling, however, that I was 100% comfortable with it; it never became an extension of my arm. The C10 and 99S seem to have that missing whatever it is that enables me.
Yes, what is that feeling, and where the heck does it come from?

My not-so scientific opinion is simply it's all weight and swingweight.

To get that "wand that can do anything" feel I think comes from a really conducive weight germane to your own strength and stretch, and then a swingweight that is always-ok no matter what part of the court or situation you find yourself in.

Never-strained is what I am translating comfortable to mean therefore.

Or is it stringbed responsiveness and flex, that elusive "feel" of a racquet?

There are definitely some ineffables that somehow go in to making a racquet feel like an extension of the arm...
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