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Default Professional Tennis Management

Although there is collegiate tennis at the universities that carry the PTM program, if you are unfamiliar with it here is the USPTA page

what do you guys think of it? I was thinking of going to Ferris or Methodist University. I am from NJ and have worked for about 4 years at a tennis, ski, snowboard store, but i focus mainly on the tennis portion of it. I have loved the sport of tennis ever since i picked it up my freshmen year of HS. Although I never played for my high school team, I played my freshmen year of college for a non conference team in a college in NJ. In my opinion I am a high 4.0-low 4.5 in progress of transitioning to complete 4.5 player. I definitely wanna work in the tennis industry and was thinking if any one here had done the program and could provide any import or advice on it.
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