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Originally Posted by Harl Goodman View Post
I've got 2 in 5/8 grip
13oz 9HL
13.1oz 5HL

I have one in 1/4 grip
12.5oz 1HL

They are all the same version as you have with the all caps "HEAD".

If you hit the the ball "with your feet", these rackets continue to hold their own vs. the latest offering from any manufacturer out there.

Despite what appears to be a wretched bit of QC on the specs, the HGE is one of the best I've ever played with.
QC probably wasn't all that great back then and the racquets were made in different factories. also racquets of that era often came in H, M, and L configurations. if i'm not mistaken it meant heavy, medium and light so it's possible you have 2 Ms and 1 L. even so there's quite a bit of variation in the specs for your 13 oz frames.

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