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Originally Posted by bertrevert View Post
Yes, what is that feeling, and where the heck does it come from?

My not-so scientific opinion is simply it's all weight and swingweight.

To get that "wand that can do anything" feel I think comes from a really conducive weight germane to your own strength and stretch, and then a swingweight that is always-ok no matter what part of the court or situation you find yourself in.

Never-strained is what I am translating comfortable to mean therefore.

Or is it stringbed responsiveness and flex, that elusive "feel" of a racquet?

There are definitely some ineffables that somehow go in to making a racquet feel like an extension of the arm...
And the really weird thing is there are players who get that feel with the Prince, but not the Wilson!

I have arrived at the conclusion that while I can play with anything, there is certainly an advantage to be had in a frame that jives with your arm.
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