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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
4) Take some videos from the side. Probably perpendicular to the ball's trajectory might be better than along the baseline.
If you do this, I believe one thing you will notice is your ball toss. Judging from where you start and where you land, I'd guess your toss is either straight-up or worse, behind you. Ideally, if you toss the ball but don't hit it, the ball should land ~ 1-2ft inside the court.

Two other things to note:
1 - While you got better as the serves went on, you should try to get a full arm extension at contact point. The first couple your arm was still bent when you made contact w/ the ball.

2 - Try to keep that left hand up a little longer. It will help w/ balance, as well as power.

3 - The abbreviated, straight-up takeback motion is good, but you may want to sync it up w/ the ball toss. You're bringing the racquet up, then starting the toss.

A good reference for all 3 of the above suggestions is Patrick Rafter's serve:
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