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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I do the same type of serve motion and the main thing is to keep the racquet moving at all times. It looks like you are pausing. there is no real trophy pose. It is simply a freeze frame shot.
Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Yes, but that is ok, I do that too. It just seems like you pause right after. The motion you want is to bring the arm up and then bring the racquet back over your head into the racquuet drop, then swing to contact - all without a hitch or pause. If you are doing this, than it may just be the slo mo throwing me off, but it looks like you pause and lose racquet speed.

Yes, this is what I meant in my #3 suggestion when I said he needs to sync it up w/ the ball toss.. Compare to the Rafter video I posted, who's racquet is continually in motion.
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