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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
So if someone sends you an email, you dictate a response for your secretary to type up and send? That's not very efficient.

What happens when you're out and about and someone sends you an email on your Blueberry?

I don't read emails for the most part. I'm on the phone mostly. I have a berry but I rarely read it. My assistant actually reads all my emails and screens them and she also manages my calendar. My assistant and or secretary will take my dictation and send emails for me when I do need to send a work mass email.
If it is a email for a close work peer or friend I will type it myself. Misspellings and all. I text friends and family instead of emails as that is not on the corporate systems. And I use a personal phone for that.

I do not carry my blackberry when I am out of the office. People at work who need me has my personal number. They also know I will rarely answer unless it is from family and on caller Id.

Any more questions about my work? Its not terribly exciting. I'd much rather play tennis and type horribly on ttw.
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